*Please note, this exhibition will end on Friday 26 July 2018 due to building works in The Library. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused* 

Curated by Dr. James Cole and Tim O’Reilly Bennett

26 March – 23 September 2018
The Library, AUB

A collaboration exhibition between The Library, AUB and BA (Hons) Creative Writing.

“Modern Writers are the moons of literature; they shine with reflected light, with light borrowed from ancients.” – Samuel Johnson

With the new BA (Hons) Creative Writing degree comes a new generation of writers. Collected in this exhibition are works that explore the theme of ‘light’ in all its myriad definitions and forms. Light can scare the shadows away or throw into relief that which we would like to remain in the dark. Light can be a beacon or a deterrent. Light can draw us in, make us feel safe, or it can expose us, leaving us out in the open.

A celebration of light and words, this exhibition shines a torch on exciting new pieces of prose and poetry, generated and developed by the first year BA (Hons) Creative Writing students through workshops and studio practice.


Kez Ashe
Rachel Brown
Bradley Coulson
Callum Hendley
Taran Knight
Josh Macksoni
Lucy Pearce
Tony Puerschel
Ben Rose
Leah Squires
Kim Thulin
Rebecca Wattam

Meet the curators: Dr. James Cole and Tim O’Reilly Bennett

Dr. James Cole
Dr. James Cole is the course leader for AUB’s new BA (Hons) Creative Writing course. James attended the University of Southampton where he undertook a BA (Hons) in English Literature and an MA in Creative Writing. He consolidated his studies with a PhD in English Literature and Creative Writing, also at Southampton, where he has since taught on various modules, including the Lifelong Learning programme. For the past six years, James has led workshops and held community-based residencies within the local area, hoping to foster a love for reading and writing. His novel, Reading Through Binoculars, was shortlisted for the Dundee International Book Prize 2016 and he is developing a Young Adult novel with Curtis Brown literary agency in London.

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Tim O’Reilly Bennett
Tim O’Reilly Bennett’s is the University Librarian at AUB. His key role includes the implementation of Library policy and the establishment of archives, ensuring policies are aligned to the University’s strategic aims. In partnership with stakeholders, he helps to lead and innovate in key areas such as Library strategic development, the creation and maintenance of digital and physical learning resources, information literacy and the delivery of an excellent and responsive service. Prior to working at AUB, Tim worked at various specialist art institutions such as Edinburgh College of Art, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design and Camberwell College of Arts.

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BA (Hons) creative writing

Interacting with a wide range of writing-related industries, BA (Hons) Creative Writing provides the necessary creative and critical tools for writing across a variety of forms and genres.  Whether you want to write fiction or poetry, scripts or creative non-fiction, this course will provide you with a solid understanding of all the opportunities available to writers.  Introducing you to a network of industry professionals including publishers, agents, and published writers, you will hone your craft and develop an awareness of how to make an income in the creative industries.


TheGallery works with courses right across the university on a variety of exhibitions, events and projects. Lit: Literature and Light is another example of one of these projects that we have worked on with the curators. When working on a collaborative project, we provide advise and support for the curatorial and technical aspects of the exhibition, as well as advice on event and project management.

TheGallery provides a national and international public platform for the arts and these projects within the sub-region as we promote the University’s shared passion for excellence in education, industry  and the sector. BA (Hons) Creative Writing working with The Library is a clear example of this as they provide the students with the chance to develop their skills.