8 December 2017 – 16 February 2018

The Library, AUB

Curated by Tom Preston

A showcase of work from the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture’s technical staff.

This exhibition celebrates the talents and the innovative and creative work of our technical staff within the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture. With a display of fashion, jewellery and textile design to painting, print, photograph and 3D work, the exhibition highlights how vital the staff are to the learning and teaching process at AUB and how they support the overall stages of innovation at such an essential period for the development of creative practice.

The technical staff are artists and designers working within their field when outside the education environment, which make them essential to AUB and its creative community. Staff that continue to be a part of the art industry are able to pass down their first-hand knowledge of the industry and its evolving trends. AUB values these qualities in their staff and supports their personal and professional development.

They provide the students with an inspirational experience in a collaborative environment that recognises the power of teamwork. This works towards the ultimate aim of AUB and strengthens the connections between staff and students. The work they do outside of university highlights their skills as technical staff that provide the best advice and support for our students.

Technicians play a critical role at the university, supporting students in mastering the required skills for their particular art medium. Many of these technicians are skilled specialists in both traditional crafts as well as expert innovators with the ever-changing technologies. As part of the learning environment, the University provides high-quality specialist facilities across traditional workshops and cutting-edge digital technologies that progressively enhance the campus experience.

exhibiting artists

Jason Bascombe, Technician Demonstrator – Photography and Lens Based Media
Harry Barnett, Technician Demonstrator – Digital
Ben Diamond, Technician Demonstrator
Eden Frankham, Technical Demonstrator – Graphic Design
Emily Furnell, Technician Demonstrator – Fine Art
Annie Hill, Technical Demonstrator
Gill Kelly, Technician Demonstrator – Fashion
Daniela Mela, Technical Demonstrator – Graphic & Web Designer
Tom Preston, Faculty Technical Manager (ADA)
JR Ryan, Technician Demonstrator – Digital Illustration
Jenni Saarenkyla, Technical Demonstrator – Illustration
Preeti Sood, Technical Demonstrator – Printmaking
Andrew Stacey, Technician – Printmaking
Joseph Warin, Technician Demonstrator – Print and Binding


Tom Preston has worked at the Arts University Bournemouth since 2012 when he was appointed as the Senior Technician within the Photography department.

He graduated from Falmouth University with a degree in photography, and after working as a freelance photographer for many years, he continues to produce personal photographic work. He uses various conceptual approaches to an underlying story; from the abstract, the typological, the traditional and forensic, whilst communicating an abstract narrative within a medium that traditionally has been used to ‘record’.

Before joining AUB, Tom gained a wealth of experience working within education after spending nine years managing multi-disciplined technical resources and delivering technical workshops and taught sessions in Photography at Hereford College of Arts.

In 2016 he was appointed the Faculty Technical Manager for the faculty of Art, Design and Architecture at AUB where he manages the technical staffing and resources.

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