Upcoming Exhibition

Black Mirror: Magic in Art

Upcoming Exhibition Exhibition in TheGallery

23 November 2017 – 1 February 2018

Curated by Dominic Shepherd

TheGallery, AUB

Black Mirror: Magic in Art explores the influences and roles of the magical in art. Through a multi-disciplined curatorial approach of 2D; 3D; film; video and performance art, Black Mirror will showcase the work of internationally recognised artists.

The exhibition will challenge the idea of how enchantment and the occult have been represented in modern and contemporary art, and how they function as aesthetic, conceptual and political forces.

exhibiting artists

Jesse Bransford
Lindsey Bull
Tom Butler
Tessa Farmer
Heywood and Condie
Jason Martin
Dominic Shepherd
Mark Titchner
Suzanne Treister
Marie von Heyl

Further artists to be confirmed.

Meet the curator: Dominic SHepherd

Dominic Shepherd is a Fine Artist based in Dorset and Senior Lecturer in MA Fine Art at AUB. He studied both his BA and MA at the Chelsea School of Art. In 2008 he undertook a research fellowship at AUB. Dominic is a prize winner of the 2004 John Moores Prize, a prestigious prize in showcasing avant-garde paintings.

He has exhibited internationally with an extensive record of group and solo shows in London, New York, Berlin and Los Angeles and is represented by Charlie Smith London. He has also been included in and written for, various publications.

Dominic is presently the co-coordinator of the Black Mirror Network that explores the influence and role of Enchantment, the occult and magic in modernist and contemporary art.

black mirror network

The Black Mirror Research Network is based at AUB and explores the influence and roles of magic and esotericism in modernist (from 1870) and contemporary arts in an international context.

The network is a partnership between AUB, NYU Steinhardt and publisher Fulgur Esoterica and it exists to explore the relationships between contemporary and modernist arts. The editors of the Black Mirror series are Robert Ansell (Fulgur), Jesse Bransford (NYU Steinhardt), Judith Noble and Dominic Shepherd.