Curated by Alice Stevens

28 February – 18 April 2019
Live Project Space

AUB Human is delighted to present Weapons of Reason, a publishing project by Human After All to understand and articulate the global challenges shaping our world.

AUB Human celebrates achievement in social, ethical and sustainable creative practice whilst also curating discussion and work which addresses how creativity can make a positive global difference to people and the planet. AUB human aims to bring together designers, architects, artists, filmmakers and other creative practitioners who share an interest in this area of practice and research, and believe in the potential power of creativity to transform our world.

The 2019 AUB Human symposium WHO AM I? Identity in the Age of the Anthropocene challenges us to consider the impact of human-influence on the environment and the potential crisis that our world now faces. It is our obligation to face up to the impact that our industries have on the planet and to consider how we might mitigate, reduce, or eradicate these negative effects. We need to consider what part we wish to play as individuals, students, academics, creatives, businesses and researchers in challenging current practice and addressing the need for circular approaches to economic development.

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meet the curator: Alice Stevens

Alice Stevens is an RSA Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design at the Arts University Bournemouth. Her research focuses on social, ethical and sustainable design practice. Alice founded AUB Human in 2015 and has since curated several symposia that explore how creatives can make a positive difference to the lives of others, and use their skills as a force for global good. In 2018 she launched the AUB Human Research Group.

Alice is also a member of the Sustainable Business Leaders Group and the ADRC Advisory Board who are working towards developing dementia friendly design guidelines. She is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the role that design has in making a positive difference to our future world.

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meet the creative director: Paul Willoughby

Paul Willoughby is co-founder and an executive creative director at Human After All, and the former creative director of Little White Lies magazine. An award-winning designer and graphic artist, Paul has curated the Guardian’s Masterclasses in Illustration, while his clients have included Nike, BAFTA, IBM and Facebook. Among other work at Human After All, he handles the creative direction of Weapons of Reason — a project that aims to better articulate and help us understand some of the most complex issues shaping our world.

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Symposium Event

AUB Human presents: WHO AM I? Identity In The Age Of The Anthropocene

Date of symposium: 5th March 2019
South House Lecture Theatre

The AUB Human events will run from 26 Feb – 19 March and will include speakers and workshops. Paul Willoughby from Human After All will also be speaking about Weapons of Reason at the symposium on March 5th.

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Past Events

AUB Human presents: Innovative Futures
March 2018

This inspiring event comprised of workshops and keynote talks from a range of award-winning industry speakers and AUB students, accompanied by a pop-up cinema made from straw bales.

AUB Human presents: Who Cares?
March 2017

Who Cares? was the third symposium held at AUB that explored how designers and creative practitioners can make a positive difference to the lives of others and use their skills as a force for global good.

AUB Human presents: Obligation
March 2016

The speakers will be showing work that demonstrates how design and design thinking can make a positive difference to the world.  The event aims to prompt designers to consider their obligation towards social, ethical and sustainable design, and consider how they might address these global issues within their practice.

AUB Human presents: Can Design Save the World?
March 2015

The power of design thinking can change the way people live, work and behave. Design can help create a better, cleaner, fairer and more sustainable world