Project Curator Ian House

3-26 February 2020


The 2018-19 academic year saw the completion of a 3D printed Zoetrope for an exhibition on campus at MoDiP.

The Animation presented within the zoetrope, was designed by Ian House and realised by creative initiative BA (Hons) Animation Production students.

The project brought together the learning of how to build robust puppets and models for computer animation, along with the execution and creation of a group project, concerned with the reception of screen imagery in comparison to a physical artefact.

The zoetrope portrays the mechanics of animation to an unfamiliar audience by raising an intrigue of the magic of movement, character and life. Modelled and puppeteer within the computer, these characters are caught within a perpetual enactment of chaos and delivered with clarity into the physical world.

The Projects aims was to further an awareness and analysis of how the idiosyncrasies of physical craft might embed a more emotional response, through the tactility of the experience. By simultaneously exhibiting the 3D computer model behind the screen of an exhibition monitor alongside the same characters and animations as a physical model, the audience can directly compare their emotional response to an experience where only the tactility and the craft of the presentation has changed.

This work aligns and becomes an integral part of the research into emotional response through tactility in media.

The piece was also exhibited at Aardman Animation Studio, in the summer of 2019.