The latest exhibition by Commercial Photography Senior Lecturer Paul Wenham-Clarke from the Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) documents the lives of those living beneath and in the shadow of the A40 flyover in West London.

THE WESTWAY: A Portrait of a Community runs from 9th January – 28th February 2013 at St Martin in the Fields in Trafalgar Square, London. The exhibition highlights how the monumental structure of the A40 towers over homes, businesses, sports facilities and educational centres, as local communities seek to make the most of the negative space of the road’s supporting arches and the circumstances in which they find themselves. Built in the 1960s, the road was bulldozed through the heart of North Kensington taking with it 600 homes and prompting over a 1000 people to leave the community.

Together, the communities that have remained and grown make up a varied whole; a community which itself is rich in social, spiritual, and cultural diversity. As such, THE WESTWAY is a snapshot of modern, multicultural Britain in a time of change.

Paul Wenham-Clarke is an award-winning professional photographer who has shot images for a wide variety of projects. THE WESTWAY was a project that Paul had been planning for a while – it was funded as part of a Research Fellowship granted by the AUB. Paul commented “I had often travelled along the Westway into London and would look down on to the Travellers site and be amazed that people could live in the middle of what is a large motorway. At night I would see children’s football teams playing floodlit alongside the road and I noticed how very ethnically diverse these teams were. I investigated the area under the road more and when I was granted a Research Fellowship from the AUB to photograph this work I was overjoyed. For me this area of London is a microcosm of modern Britain and a lot can be learnt from the people there.”

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