Photography Alumni Giles Duley recently exhibited photos he took of civilians in Afghanistan at the House of Commons.

The BA (Hons) Commercial Photography graduate exhibited his work from 2nd to 6th September, delivering on a personal promise to take the stories of those affected by the war in Afghanistan to MPs and other key decision makers.

On the exhibition, Giles said: “I think being a documentary photographer comes with a lot of responsibilities, and its a responsibility to tell the stories of those you’re photographing. Its as if they’re giving you their story and they want you to pass that on.

The ultimate aim for me has been to get my photographs in front of decision makers – the people that can really make a difference. So really today, in many ways, feels like the first time Ive completed my task. From taking a picture,telling someones story, and bringing it to Parliament.”

A full gallery of Giles’ work in Afghanistan can be found on his website.