The Museum of Design in Plastics (MoDiP) at The Arts University Bournemouth has been awarded the Inspire Mark for their current exhibition ‘Plastics for Gold’, because it shares certain values of the Cultural Olympiad, celebrating diversity and internationality through the global character of design.

‘Plastics for Gold’ is on display in MoDiP until the 10th November 2012. Since the 1970s, plastics have been the most used group of materials in the world – their use in sport has contributed dramatically to sporting achievement and people’s participation in sport; they have improved the potential of sports equipment and helped to streamline athletes’ bodies; and they have also led to sports equipment that requires less maintenance and is more affordable. This exhibition looks at how they have done this in relation to Olympic sports, while highlighting issues of sustainability and the multi-national character of sports equipment.

The London 2012 Inspire Programme is driven by the Olympic Values of excellence, friendship and respect and the Paralympic Values of courage, determination, equality and inspiration. ‘Plastics for Gold’ was awarded the Inspire Mark because it helps MoDiP engage in greater depth with young audiences; it will generate a positive legacy; and it also shares some of the themes of the Cultural Olympiad by bringing together together culture and sport – challenging events that will encourage participation in the exhibition; and exploring sustainable use of materials within the design for the sports industry.

MoDiP will be hosting a number of Design and Technology ‘Challenge Days’ for schools and the exhibition will be available for other museums to borrow after 10th November 2012 . For more information, please contact The exhibition will have a permanent, positive and widely accessible legacy as an online exhibition at