For the second year running, students from the BA (Hons) Architecture course at The Arts University Bournemouth will be hosting an exhibition of their work in Lighthouse, Poole from Saturday 10th November – Saturday 12th January 2013.

Music Architecture Poole (MAP) focuses on the engagement of 40 second year Architecture students and their final year Music School Project, which is based on the site opposite the Lighthouse where the old Seldown School previously existed. The projects engage with urban architecture directly from the environment of Poole, where events and buildings within its marina, maritime, medieval and green park histories and what is current, are informed by and wrought into an integrated architectural project that looks at harmonising and opening up public space with the use of a Music School as a focus of culture & learning that neatly compliments the Lighthouse as a venue of performance.

The Music School transpired due to the understanding of learning and teaching music through the needs of acoustics in music practice rooms and small-sized auditoria which then inform the internal spaces and generate out into engaging public space that unites disparate activities & people such as motorists, public transport and pedestrians into cohesive, long-term proposals.

The MAP Exhibition is a continuing venture where the highest quality local industry contributes and forms a unique cultural meeting point at Lighthouse, Poole. The exhibition has been co-curated by two third year students who have liaised with Tekne of Poole, who have supplied plywood timber offcuts to make the frames, exhibition stands and more permanent additions to the MAP exhibition sustainably, with minimal waste; CODA Music Centre in New Milton, which has helped with prototyping space and music-teaching expertise for MAP; ARUP Engineers whose Winchester department specialising in engineering acoustics for arts venues both nationally and globally have contributed an active, empirical input into the student learning, as well as Ramboll in Southampton, who have inputted their structural and environmental engineering expertise, evidenced by the architectural work exhibited in MAP; and Feria Urbanism in Poole, who have contributed to MAP with urban expertise.

Channa Vithana, Senior Lecturer in Architecture at the AUB commented “This year we are looking at MAP Narratives, where the work is explored as a story through images and text that show how and why the projects came about, from early concepts to more resolved, detailed architecture. The work that the AUB Architecture students engage in with Poole as a place, and Lighthouse as a national arts venue is one of continuing mutual benefit, where each is informed and enriched by the others input. The local based industry that support and are supported by AUB Architecture are a pleasure to engage with as they allow students to have an actively professionally focus. The MAP Exhibition exists because of high-quality local commitment.”

The Private View is on Thursday 8th November from 6-8pm, please email Channa Vithana on if you are interested in attending.