On Saturday 29th September The Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) helped launch the second annual Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival with the aid of a yellow skip and a giant pink inflatable shell.

The yellow skip was part of celebrated performance artist Marcia Farquhar’s public series of lectures which was commissioned by TheGallery at the AUB. The skip, in which ‘The Open University’ was situated, was positioned outside WestBeach Restaurant on Bournemouth seafront. Functioning as an outdoor lecture theatre for the day, Marcia gave a series of lectures from inside the skip, inviting members of the public to sit with her and listen to each lecture, which took on the subject of what is and what is not trash.As the creator, curator, and hostess of this forum, Marcia also extended a standing invitation to a range of experts and would-be experts to participate in the 15-minute lectures, which took place throughout the day from 12pm until 11pm.

The giant inflatable pink shell was commissioned by the AUB who are headline sponsors of Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival 2012. The shell is designed to show the value of creativity and how creating surprise and arresting peoples’ attention is a valuable skill that can lead to careers.

When entering the shell, visitors can discover a neon sign showing the number 97.7%. This alludes to the fact that the AUB has a 97.7% success rate in students finding employment or entering further education 6 months after graduating (DLHE Survey).

Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival, an annual high-profile arts festival that attracts and engages  thousands of visitors to Bournemouth. The month-long festival includes an exciting programme of spectacular arts events and performances with some unexpected twists.

The giant pink shell will be popping up in random places around Bournemouth for the remainder of the Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival, which ends on 29th October – where will it pop up next?!

For more information on the Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival, please visit artsbournemouth.org.uk