TheGallery at the Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) is the first venue in the UK and Europe to exhibit the growing international touring exhibition ’41 Reasons We Still Need Superman’.

Curated by Tim Crowley, the video art exhibition originates from Beijing, China and is in TheGallery until 7th March. The exhibition is an extensive overview of video work from the last 15 years. In true Myspace/ Facebook fashion, the selection is personalised and intentionally open, customised and compartmentalised yet available to all.

Tim Crowley, the Head of Historical and Critical Studies at the Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing and Independent Curator from the UK, devised the touring exhibition 18 Reasons We Still Need Superman in the spirit of a modern day Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters tour. The exhibition was launched in 2009, in each consequent destination; one or two more works were added by local curators, adding to the repertoire. There are now 41 video works that form the exhibition, hence its ever changing title while touring.

The exhibition targets the interest of artists in investigating how images operate and construct our understanding of the world. They explore aesthetic concepts, everyday narratives, and sociopolitical realities and utopias. While some artists use video to challenge our assumptions about the mimetic nature of the medium, the curatorial focus of this exhibition is on the relationship between performance and video, the reaction that works create in the audience and the subject matter as a catalyst for dialogue.

‘41 Reasons We Still Need Superman’ has taken Jake and Dinos Chapman, Paul McCarthy, Dash Snow and 37 other artists around Asia, South East Asia and South America. In Hong Kong and Beijing, the exhibition was shown in cinematic spaces; in Mumbai it was shown in a commercial gallery; in Delhi in the form of a seminar: in Tokyo in three destinations simultaneously and at the Mercosul Biennal as a work of art. Here at TheGallery, AUB, 41 Reasons We Still Need Superman will be exhibited within a gallery context.

Tim Crowley is an independent Curator and educator based in Beijing exploring contemporaneous cross-disciplinary art in east and western cultures. He has been Academic Coordinator of the International foundation course and Head of Historical and Critical Studies at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing for the last 8 years.