Sara St.George  – Head of Marketing at Lighthouse Poole

“It’s incredible how much MAP has developed over four years. When I first met Channa in the beginning, we were working with just two students and it was a new idea. I was looking after the Visual Arts Programming at the time and he just said ‘explore this and see where you go with it’.

So when we came together and sat down and sort of talked about how to develop, Channa’s always had clear ideas about how the project could work and develop, but I was really keen that we didn’t just put another project in the gallery with was the culmination of student work, that just sort of happened off-site, appeared here for four or five weeks and then went away again.

One of the starting points for us was that the students had to deal with a very, very real environment and by that, what I mean is they came in-  I still remember it now, they came in with their first plans for the first exhibition and they had filled the whole foyer space on the ground floor with plinths, there must have been about 50 plinths. I said ‘do you know, that looks stunning… but where are the audience gonna go!?’

We developed a way of working with the students –  we gave them tickets to see shows, we bought them in on really really busy nights to monitor the movement of people in the building so as they were designing, their work they were doing it with the realities of the building,  rather than just creating something for an exhibition space.

So when they start,  they sit with our HR team and they get a Lighthouse induction, and then when they come in our stage door to do stuff,  they’re almost like access all areas like we are as staff.  So, they know the mood and the pattern of the building

AUB students are highly professional, highly skilled, and actually just really really nice people to work with, which is always fantastic!

I think they feel very comfortable here and we feel very comfortable having them.”