Monogram Competition

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Design your own Monogram

The Alan Kitching Collection pays tribute to five influential designers, Tom Eckerlsey, Abram Games, FHK Henrion, Josef Müller-Brockmann and Paul Rand.

Each designer is represented by a monogram made from overlapping type – in each case a wood letter from Alan Kitching’s workshop with a famous character from the Monotype archive. Each one references the designer in some way, through colour, composition and the typefaces used.

How to take part

You are invited to take part in a competition to design your very own monogram. Your monogram should be rendered in such a way that it tells us something about you as a designer or creative – unique to you.

Use one letter from the typefaces used in the Alan Kitching Collection, together with one other. The second letter can come from anywhere: another typeface, hand-drawn, a found letter – it’s up to you!

Download the PDF templates from the downloads bar to the right of this page.

How to submit your entry

All you have to do is follow @inspiredAUB / @Monotype on Twitter and @inspiredAUB and @ByMonotype on Instagram and upload your monogram using #AUBMonogram to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (remember to make your Facebook post public).

The competition is open to entries from 10am on Thursday 3 November 2016 until 5pm on Sunday 11 December 2016.

The winner will be announced on Thursday 15 November via @inspiredAUB and @Monotype accounts on Twitter. Good luck!


Judged by Alan Kitching, the winning entry will take home one of the limited edition prints from the Alan Kitching Collection.