Magical Fairytales Concert

Events in The Light House

Wednesday 06 March 2019

7.30pm, Lighthouse, Poole

A live performance by the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, sponsored by the Arts University Bournemouth. The performance Magical Fairytales, will feature the music of Ravel, Rachmaninov and Stravinsky.

Stravinsky’s great ballet has gone through a fascinating series of metamorphoses since first conceived as a concert piece, inspired by the immensely popular puppet plays of 19th century Russia. The score is one of his most brilliant achievements, bursting with the energy and inventiveness of youth. The depth of characterisation is astonishing; Stravinsky gives the melancholy puppet enough personality to make listeners care about him, without letting us forget that he is made of straw and cloth, not flesh and blood.

Audiences were already familiar with the Second and Third Concertos before Rachmaninov revised the First in 1917. It is very different from his later works; in exchange for fewer memorable melodies, this concerto incorporates elements of youthful vivacity and impetuosity in a concise and spirited fashion. Emerging from an exquisite piano suite for four hands based on the Mother Goose tales, Ravel’s full ballet music contains his musical fingerprint at every turn: melodies are clear, the orchestration is elegant, rhythms are precise, and the harmonies evoke a delicate, magical world.

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