5 – 26 April 2017

Live Project Space

Work created by MA Fine Art students in response to the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2016 exhibition, shown at TheGallery, Arts University Bournemouth.

In this exhibition the artists explore drawing for what is not said, or which is said through other means. With a shared interest in the behaviour and properties of materials, the artist explore elements such as; tape, sound and light, the analogous and metaphorical narratives of the spice trade, and carbon in its allotrope form of charcoal as a conductor of energy.

Drawing is often valued for its capacity to enable immediacy and directness of expression, been ascribed as a primitive and essential centre around which satellites the contemporary. However it raises the question of what about its capacity for inference and obliqueness? What of stepping back to explore how the techniques of detour provide access to subtler meanings than are attainable through direct approaches?

We live in a world where out of necessity we act through convention, by committee, but it exists as a series of phenomena that come into being in dependence upon being named by the mind. This group of students suggest that an oblique approach results in a more expanded and open system of communication, where we are free to realise meaning in dependence upon, rather than bear witness to, any absolute meaning.

Exhibiting Artists: 
Mimi Angrave / Monica Bonomo / Margaret Maguire / Carrie Mason / Tereza Tzelepaki / Sue Wicker