Full Time courses Alumni Exhibition in Poole Lighthouse – Published 11th Oct 16

Coexist is a collaborative exhibition from some of the Art University Bournemouth’s Alumni artists.

All artists on display had studied at the University within different disciplines, and mostly within the past ten years. Since leaving University, many then began either working in their creative fields or continued solely on building their own practice. The aim for the exhibition is to show current students what many Alumni artists will do after leaving University. And to show that often the best work of your life will be achieved after the foundations of a University education have been completed.

The brief for the show was on the idea of existence, and anything this broad title may cover. It then shows how the different disciplines of fine art, illustration, media, graphics, visual communication and photography will consider and deliver to a different outcome.

The idea of existence may relate to the world around us, the inner space inside us or something that makes us individual. It is the question that has guided so many artists throughout history and one that has posed so many problems through life.

Free entry during normal building opening hours. More info.


Rebecca Humphreys
Neville Cooper
Preeti Sood
Andrew Stacey
Sian Hutchings
India Lawton
Demeter Dykes
Philip Bailey
Donna Peters
Lauran Housego
Claire Atherton
Kristi Minchin
Ismini Black
Melody Austin
Steve Moberly
Denise Poote
Fraser Christopher
Christopher Lee
Lucy Turner
Leandro Alenfel