The Art of Dazzle and War

Events in TheGallery / in Drawing Studio

Thursday 21 March 2019

5:00pm – 6:00pm

Event formally introduced by Dr. Mary Oliver

The pieces will be performed by:
Kieran Luxton
Kieran Luxton is an alumnus of the BA (Hons) Acting course at AUB. During his second year of study, he founded Head To Toe Theatre Company (HTT), where, working closely with Dorset and it’s community, new and innovative work is created. Focusing on working with people and their stories, Kieran has trained in acting and dance throughout his education, later progressing into directing and teaching movement.

Figan Dastan
Figan Dastan is an Istanbul-born Brittish Artist, currently living and working in the UK. Figan recently graduated from AUB in MA Fine Art and describes herself as an enquiring artist who is motivated by learning and the need to find out about the world she inhabits.

Isabel Garcia-Godoy
Isabel Garcia-Godoy is a student on the BA (Hons) Creative Events Management course at AUB. Isabel believes that art is the purest, most authentic and vulnerable way to self-expression. Art plays an important role in her life, which is why she plans to work in the creative events industry and help artist to expose their work, and explore ways in reinforcing community through art and culture.

Jamie McClean
Irish-born actor, Jamie McClean has worked on various independent films in his career, many portraying and exploring sensitive issues of today. He has been professionally trained in Meisner technique which teaches actors how to live truthfully under the created given circumstances when becoming their characters. A number of his films have been shown in film festivals across the UK, US and Canada, such as the Toronto Irish Film Festival.

Richard Waring
British Artist and Course Leader of the BA (Hons) Fine Art course, Richard Waring emerged as a curator in London by initiating a new project and gallery space above the infamous nightclub, The Blue Note, in Hoxton Square, Shoreditch London. He has since exhibited and curated widely, including performance art events for the ICA, The Mall, London.

The Noematic Collective
Derived from the BA (Hons) Fine Art course, The Noematic Collective are a group of students who explore how we can understand place, environments and social impacts through sound. The group aim to increase the understanding, importance and thoughtfulness of sound where vision has been the dominant sense in western culture.

The event will feature two performances:

Meaninglessness / Blinded Army
In response to the work of Figan Dastan and Directed by Kieran Luxton.

Dastan’s work looked at historical and political issues in society such as destruction and war and its demolishment of cities, artefacts, knowledge and social inequality resulting in loss of innocence. She pointed out issues and situations that have become difficult to discuss but hard to ignore. In her work, Dastan transformed a woman’s pain into a small figurine sculptures of soldiers that became an abstract representation of thousands of individuals and their silence. She created a series of writings regarding her story. These were large intangible writings on burnt paper placed on the soldiers’ lips; and a photographic book that combined abstract photography and narrative storytelling of a woman and her lost son that was featured on national news media.

“I heard a mother crying after her lost son, he was just nineteen years old.
She was asking questions in tears to politicians,
Why did you send my son to death on someone else’s country, for someone else’s war?
Why we have to fight, what for…?
She was struggling to handle her own pain and anger, her voice was bleeding…

I shut my eyes, and in that darkness, I saw her son as a blinded soldier,
That made me realise what is happening on another part of the world.
And basically, we call it News”

The story will now become a stage performance. Dastan believes that collaboration with other artists and professionals can transform her abstract concept art to a tangible piece that can communicate widely with an audience.

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The Noematic Collective
In response to the exhibition, The Noematic Collective consisting of AUB Fine Art students, in collaboration with Richard Waring, BA (Hons) Fine Art Course Leader, will create a new and live experimental art work. Through the manipulation and disorientation of sound and vision the art work will disrupt and confuse the viewers sensory perceptions.

Taking inspiration from John Zorn’s 1988 album Cobra, The Noematic Collective meet weekly to perform sonic tests. This group has grown out of the BA (Hons) Fine Art Degree at AUB. Their aim is to emphasise audible awareness of objects by trying out radical new ways of understanding daily experience.

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