Thursday 11 October 2018
TheGallery, AUB
5:30pm – 7:30pm

Event hosted by Professor Stuart Bartholomew, CBE, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, AUB

TheGallery Team and AUB are proud of what TheGallery has become and acomplished over the last 20 years.

To celebrate the achievements and to look forward to the future of TheGallery, we are holding a special event for all staff and students at AUB, alumni, regular visitors and everyone in-between.

Along with our gallery celebration, we are hosting an exhibition event and drinks reception to welcome all staff, students and visitors to our Suddenly Last Summer 2018 exhibition.

Free open event

Over the last 20 years, The Gallery has worked with a variety of incredible artists, curators and writers that have put together ever evolving exhibitions and publications. Such collaborators have included Zaha Hadid Architects, Alan Kitching and Penguin Publishing. We also have a successful international touring exhibition, Lucienne Day: Living Design.

Our long established text+work publishing underpins our exhibition programme, creative events and commissioned projects within the University. It was created to promote a forum for challenging dialogue between innovative contemporary art, design and media practice and their theoretical context.

We look forward to the future of TheGallery and hope you can join us in our celebrations.

award winning gallery

The Sir Misha Black Awards Committee gave the 2016 Award for Innovation in Design Education to AUB for its approach to design teaching. AUB received special recognition for TheGallery and for commissioning the first purpose built Drawing Studio in the UK for over 100 years.

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event activites

5:30pm – Event begins. Wine for guests.

6:30pm – Formal Speeches by Professor Stuart Bartholomew / Violet McClean and William Hernandez

6:50pm – Performance by AUB Alumni – Kieran Luxton and Danny Foster

7:00pm – Canapés served

Performance Overview
What Is Art? focuses on exploring what art means to an individual, to society and to the world as a whole. It looks at the role art plays in relation to immegration, racism, sexism and much more. Performed as a physical conversation through physical theatre and dance. The piece is accompanied by an audio recording of people’s answers to the question ‘What Is Art?’