This new course has been created for current university students, graduates and creative professionals who wish to develop key skills to support and enhance their creative output.

Course description

For students aged 18+

Our new 2-week course provides a learning platform in which students will develop an understanding of the interdisciplinary relationship of creative arts and  the significance of creative processes across industries and cultures. During the course, students will be presented with a series of short projects in a variety of creative disciplines designed to foster independent thinking, critical reflection and encourage new ways of working. Emphasis will be placed on exploring innovative ideas using contemporary and traditional approaches in order for each students to develop a toolkit of creative thinking techniques to positively enhance their work. Students will take part in a series of experimental workshops such as drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography and textiles which will provide a platform in which to test conceptual ideas and develop design thinking.

Individual work will be complimented by a programme of presentations, group discussions, critiques and talks from creative professionals. Campus learning will be complemented with a multi-activity programme with study day trips to iconic places of interest such as London and Bath to contextualise studio and workshop activities and inspire students’ own creative work.

Course duration and dates

Course duration: 2 weeks

Course dates: 29th July – 9th August 2019

Course FEES


Excluding Residential Programme: £2,295

Including Residential Programme: £3,495

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Please contact the Summer Courses team if you would like information for the 2020 course, or would like us to create a similar but bespoke course (min 10 participants)