Develop key skills and knowledge about the fashion industry.


Course duration: 3 weeks

Course dates: 23rd July – 9th August 2019

course description

For students aged 16+

Course highlights include:

  • Explore key concepts in fashion design and promotion
  • Develop your Fashion Portfolio
  • London Study trip: street style sketchbooks, visit fashion collections
  • Research workshops: 3D experimentation, colour palettes, fabric awareness
  • Fashion Illustration: Drawing the Fashion Figure
  • Practical workshops in draping, sketching, deconstructing garments, machine sewing
  • Introduction to the fashion industry including blogging and advertising
  • Create your own fashion piece
  • Develop your Fashion Identity
  • Professional photoshoot of your designed garment.

Ideal for those who are considering further studies or a career in fashion, this course will introduce key concepts in fashion design and encourage you to develop your own fashion identity, to challenge assumptions, think unpredictably and reach surprising solutions.You will explore key concepts in fashion and have the opportunity to experiment with a wide range of fabrics and textile techniques. From sketchbook and fashion research through to understanding colour palettes, recording fashion shapes and understanding fabric manipulation, a series of practical workshops and inspirational study sessions will enhance your design knowledge, critical awareness and develop your fashion illustration skills. Our tutors will show you how to translate your visual ideas using a variety of materials and professional fashion equipment including digital printing.  With guidance from the tutors your work will culminate with the styling of a photo shoot with a makeup artist on hand in which to record a series of images for you to add to your portfolio or develop further.

The course includes a day-trip to London and professional photoshoot of your styled fashion look.




Excluding accommodation: £2,295

Including accommodation: £3,495