BA (Hons) Study AbroadGraphic Design

Course Overview

Semester Study Abroad courses are for students and professionals who wish to spend time abroad, developing their creative skills and gaining credits towards their university degree, but do not necessarily want to spend 2-3 years in another country.

Students are fully integrated with our BA (Hons) students in an exciting, creative University environment.

This Semester Study Abroad Graphic Design course aims to foster self-confidence and the ability to develop informed design strategies; it will also encourage you to bring your own experiences and interests to the course. You will be introduced to the fundamental theories, techniques and processes relevant to Graphic Design. Exploring a range of different techniques, you will investigate the basic concepts and principles of Graphic Design. You will develop your knowledge and understanding of how, why and where graphic design exists and how it relates to culture and society through exploration and investigation of international examples.

You will gain an understanding of problem solving methodologies: interpreting research to create ideas and to successfully communicate effective messages. You will develop your research and study skills, in particular your use of primary and secondary sources and an awareness and understanding of the related key themes and issues that are important to your work within graphic design and beyond.

You will develop your conceptual thinking and creativity as a Graphic Designer. You will be challenged to develop and analyse texts and to explore ways in which they can be represented through sequences and interaction.

Locating your creative work in related critical and theoretical contexts, you will also develop your research and communication skills. Considering core questions and issues of a selected theme, you will be challenged to undertake a sustained piece of academic writing using primary and secondary sources.

Portfolios are required from all prospective candidates who wish to do a Semester Study Abroad course at the Arts University. The portfolio’s purpose is to show us how you communicate and translate ideas visually. Your portfolio will be reviewed by the course leader and a panel who will determine the most appropriate year of study in the course for each candidate.

Other type of programmes, such as bespoke courses are also available. For more information or to apply for a course contact us on +44 1202 853608 or email