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VFX – An Introduction

Discover the exciting world of VFX as you’re taken on a rollercoaster of a ride about this fast-growing industry.

VFX (Visual Effects) are the processes whereby sequences for movies, commercials, television, games and other new media are created through digital techniques – where live action is enhanced, augmented or replaced altogether. The use of VFX can save money and avoid dangerous or difficult live action filming but most of all it enables the impossible to happen. With VFX, imagination is the only limiting factor.

Digital effects are everywhere, from low-budget independent movies and online digital content, to commercials, television programmes, computer games and Hollywood blockbusters. It’s a fast moving and fast growing industry and a lucrative input to the UK economy.

This new introductory course will take you on an introductory roller-coaster ride through the VFX world, its history and origins, its various applications, the effect on the world around us, and what the future holds for this ever-evolving subject.

You will learn by having hands-on experience as well, developing a variety of practical and creative skills involved in the planning, budgeting, storyboarding and pre-visualisation through filming, CGI creation, VFX creation and finally post production and delivery.

Entry Requirements

All students attending this course must be proficient with Windows or Macintosh environments, including creating, moving and deleting files and folders.


A pen and notebook or tablet device for note taking purposes


Spring Term

  • Thursday 26th January – 30th March 2017

Class Size

Maximum 14 students

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