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Fabric and Surface Printing

Surface pattern design has enjoyed a revival in recent years, with a new wave of designers fuelling the growing trend for decorated objects, illustrated goods and aspirational home wares.

Led by practicing surface pattern designer and textile printer Ailsa Wilson, this introductory course will lead you through an exploration of pattern, print and design, with hands-on textile printing skills,  which can then be applied to a variety of fabric and paper surfaces. Through the observation of trends, understanding the impact of scale and experimenting with colour and shapes, you will learn how to develop different types of repeat patterns.

You will be encouraged to find inspiration in the shapes and objects that are found all around you. The practice of collecting materials, be it photographs, found objects, or interesting colour combinations, and gathering as much inspiration as you can will help you in your creative process.

In addition to using these references plus your own drawings, you will learn and master the mixing of textile inks and discovering differing colour palettes.

Recently commissioned by the RNLI to redesign their best-selling Kitchen Range which launched in Spring 2016, Ailsa has a passion for traditional printing methods applied in a bold, contemporary, and graphic style. Her surface pattern designs are collected worldwide.

Watch as your designs spring to life through the exploration of lino block, silk screen printing and relief printing. Ailsa will guide you as you plan and build a repeat or placement design that you can print on cloth for a final project. This completed cloth will then be used to create a stylish finished item, such as a scarf, t-shirt, bag, cushion cover or even table linen.

What you need to bring:

A5 sheet of lino, a craft knife, pre-washed calico, sketch book, masking tape, latex gloves, craft knife, a notebook and pen.


Spring Term

  • Monday 30th January – 3rd April 2017

Class size

Maximum 12 students

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