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Special FX in Fantasy Creature Design and Fabrication

The course offers you the opportunity to discover all aspects of basic creature design and fabrication.

You may have already completed our ‘Introduction to Prosthetic Make-up’ course or wish to enter the fascinating world of Special Effects Creature Design. If so, we offer you the opportunity to join a unique and fascinating course delivered by Polly Crafter, a gifted BA (Hons) Make-Up graduate and model-maker. Polly has sculpting numerous hyper realistic fantasy maquette’s, as well as creature sculpts for both film industry use and exhibition pieces for the increasingly popular Creaturegeddon monster maker’s convention.

The course offers you the opportunity to discover many aspects of basic creature design and maquette fabrication, it will take you down an interesting and fun route helping to introduce and improve your skills as an independent thinker and designer. Your tutor will use his unrivalled technical skills and vast industry knowledge, to take you through a series of intense but light-hearted evening classes introducing the whole process from design to realisation.

The course will be interspersed with thought provoking lectures on the history of creature design and the use of our world as inspiration, which will help you to develop and gain valuable industry insight. Wayne will give demonstrations into armature making, blocking out your sculpture, posing your creature, painting and many other techniques. Alongside these demonstrations you will begin to develop your own designs, supervised by Polly Crafter you will have on the spot guidance in all areas of the process.

During the 10-week course you will cover subjects including: Creature design elements, Armature making, Contrapposto, Sculpting, Art Finishing (final paint & hair). This will aid your understanding and assist with your creature design, development and completion.

Your tutor will set mid-week assignments for research and to complete your designs in preparation for practical class exercises.

What you need to bring

Sculpting tools, spherical objects to be used for eye shaping, notebook and pen, FW Inks and a camera to record the process of your work in stages.


Spring Term

  • Thursday 26th January – 30th March 2017

Class size

Maximum 14 students

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