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Life Drawing – Masterclass

The Life Drawing Masterclass provides an in-depth study of the human figure to rapidly develop and build upon your current life drawing skills.

The course is aimed at students who have some prior experience of life drawing, or you have already completed our Life Drawing – An Introduction short course and would like to take your skills to the next level.

As life drawing is an essential part of art education, the under pinning practice for all serious visual artists, it is also a perfect course for those who wish to build upon their portfolios prior to applying for degree courses.

Your tutor Peter Adams, brings with him a wealth of teaching life drawing experience. He will guide you through a structured series of drawing master classes designed to be supportive, challenging and tailored to your specific needs.

Tackling those often tricky and tough to get right areas, this course places particular focus and attention on the human head, hands and feet. These parts of the body are well known for being difficult to draw; yet they can portray so much emotion and movement to a drawing, grounding the subject and bringing it to life.

By taking an in-depth look at the human anatomy, muscle and bone structure you will develop a finer understanding and appreciation of the human form. To draw the human form at any angle you must first understand its basic structure, look past its distracting details and visualise the underlying forms. Once this is perfected, the whole drawing falls together easier.

Another vital part of the course will be studying the work and the respective drawing techniques used by the old and contemporary Masters. By taking inspiration from the great artists of our time you will learn to experiment, to delve deeper into their drawing processes and differing skill-sets and put them to use in your own drawings.

As your tutor guides you through the series of lessons, your skills of observation and draughtsmanship will develop. You will enhance your skills as an artist, ending the course with a fine portfolio of fresh and inspiring work.

‘It is time for us to look how images are made, to place greater value on drawings and draughtsmanship… practically everything comes to life on a drawing board’. David Hockney 

what you need to bring

  • A1 good quality cartridge paper (white)
  • A2 cartridge paper (white)
  • Sugar paper
  • Drawing pencils 2B-6B
  • Rigger watercolour brush
  • Plastic type eraser
  • Putty type eraser (preferably Lyra or Faber Castell)
  • White and coloured chalk
  • Charcoal sticks (various thicknesses)
  • Roll of masking tape,
  • 1/2 inch dagger or rounded brush for water colour for a more variety of brush marks


Spring Term

  • Saturday 28th Jan, 11th & 25th Feb, 11th & 25th March 2017

Class Size

Maximum 16 students

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