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Mindfulness for Creatives

This course is aimed at those who would like to find a little more peace and a greater space for creativity in their lives, whether at work or home.

An ever-increasing number of peer-reviewed scientific papers show that mindfulness meditation techniques, when practised regularly, enhance creativity and decision-making as well as improving physical and mental wellbeing.

Based on the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn, the course will teach you simple meditation techniques that will help you reduce the effects of stress, give you more clarity about how to spend your time and allow more space for the bubble of creativity to rise to the surface.

During this course your tutor Beatrice Brooke will guide you through a series of formal and informal meditation practices, supported by discussion in class and regular home practice. Further exercises will be included to help you, e.g. habit-releasers and skillful ways of dealing with the inner critic, and time will be allowed in each class for free creative exploration.

The course is taught over 8 successive weekly classes, with an additional whole day of practice on a Saturday.  Home practice of up to 45 minutes a day for 6 days a week will be set, which is an integral part of the course.  CD’s or audio files of guided meditations will be provided for Home Practice.

Mindfulness involves paying attention to our moment-to-moment experience, including our thoughts, emotions and body sensations.

Whilst a regular practice helps people to feel calmer and more grounded, paying attention in this way can present challenges from time to time, as our immediate experience is not necessarily always pleasant!

Mindfulness is a life skill rather than a therapy, and it is sometimes useful for people to have regular support from a health professional whilst engaging with the programme.  If you are unsure whether this course would be suitable for you at this time then it could be helpful to discuss it with your medical practitioner.

To achieve the greatest benefit it is advisable to attend every session and to complete the entire course.

Feedback from the Autumn 2016 course:

“It removes emotional and psychological barriers [to creativity], or at least helps you to negotiate them.”

“Excellent tutor and the start of what I hope will be a life long practice.”

“Being more mindful allows you to notice things that happen in the creative process, not to judge or try to correct them, just allowing them to happen”

Entry Requirements

Under 18’s will need parental permission to enrol.

What you need to bring

A yoga-style mat, blanket and one or two cushions or small pillows. Comfortable, warm clothing that will enable you to breathe easily.


Spring Term

– Thursday 26th January – 30th March 2017

– Saturday 25th February 2017


Maximum 8 students

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