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Humanities – Discover & Empower your Potential

A personal programme of growth and self discovery, teaching tools to help you access your full potential and create a life you love.

Each of us has unlimited potential, but due to limiting beliefs – many of us struggle to access the full spectrum of our skills, talents and abilities.

This Self Discovery Programme is a transformational, self development course, designed to support, empower and inspire you – to identify and overcome negative beliefs, gain greater levels of self awareness and develop the skills and solution mindset to take action – to create positive change in your life.

Through group discussion, reflection exercises and creative visualisations, you will identify meaningful goals and aspirations and move past the fear and self doubt that sabotages your success and stunts your creativity.

You will learn and develop powerful tools, self-intervention techniques and life affirming practices to access your inner resources and become a conscious creator in your world.

Break free of limiting beliefs and express your highest potential.

“People can be a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously.”


Spring Term

  • Wednesday 25th January – 29th March 2017

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