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Clothes Making Skills

If you are interested in learning a variety of sewing skills and techniques and wish to gain confidence in using a sewing machine to make your own garments then this course is a ‘must’.

Based in a specialist studio, fully equipped with various types of industrial sewing machinery and presses, you will be introduced to a wide range of skills necessary to work with a wide variety of patterns and garments

Working through a structured program, this informative course will help you understand many aspects of the garment industry including the fundamental principles of: pattern cutting techniques and terminology; fabrics and interfacings; lay planning and cutting fabric; and a wide scope of garment construction methods.

Through tutor-led, step-by-step demonstrations you will compile a comprehensive folder of information, including samples, garments and paper patterns. Each week will build on the week prior, in a logical and progressive order, starting with the basics of using the sewing machinery and starting to sew, taking you through to finished garments, for which you will have cut the patterns.

You will quickly gain confidence working in a professional, yet relaxed and friendly atmosphere. With guidance and encouragement from your tutor, you will develop an awareness of the general processes involved in producing various types of garments. This, in turn, will support your learning and equip you with a varied range of skills for working on garments or other personal sewing projects in the future.

Calico and pattern paper for producing all seam samples and a bodice with sleeves (a toile) will be supplied during the course. Pattern paper will be supplied for an A-line skirt but you will need to buy your own final fabric and zip.

What you need to bring

Pattern master, dressmakers pins, tape measure, paper scissors, fabric scissors, small scissors / snips, quick unpick, pencils: 2H, HB or B, fabric/ cloth marking pencil, pen, rubber, pencil sharpener, A4 folder & plastic sleeves, A4 paper or notebook (optional), skirt fabric (to be discussed & bought after course start).

Please note: As the weekly sessions build your knowledge and experience to be able to complete the course, full attendance is a requirement. In particular, it is a mandatory requirement that you attend the sewing workroom machinery induction and the first sewing session (first two evening sessions or first full-day Saturday), without this induction you will not be fulfilling the AUB Health & Safety policy.


Autumn Term

  • Thursday 13th October – 15th December 2016
  • Saturdays 15th & 29th October, 12th & 26th November, 10th December 2016

Spring Term

  • Thursday 26th January – 30th March 2017

Class size

Maximum 14 students


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