Fine Artists

The Fine Artists course will give students an opportunity to get their creative process flowing and they will be given guidance on how to spark this creativity, through various means, including researching other artists’ work.

This course is for young people in School Years 8-11 (or equivalent if home-schooled).

The course consists of drawing, painting, collage, 3D work and other inspiring artistic techniques. Key skills for pursuing further education in a creative field, such as being able to discuss their own and other artists’ work, will also be taught. Students’ self-motivated projects and development will be encouraged. Fine Artists will make at least one group visit to The Gallery (on the AUB campus).

All students will be given support and advice to enable them to engage fully and push their creative boundaries.

Enrolment will be available online from 4th June 2018

Dates 2018-19

Autumn Term

Saturday 22nd September – Saturday 15th December

(Please make a note of the Autumn dates as the weeks do not run consecutively.)

Spring Term

Saturday 19th January – Saturday 23rd March

(Please note that courses in the Spring will run each week with a two week break for half term.)

Term dates


£165.00 for an eight week term.  If parents/guardians currently receive income related benefits then they may qualify for a reduced fee of £82.50 per term, please contact for further information.

Additional Information

If you require additional information please contact us on: or call +44 1202 363030.

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