Preparation for HEInternational Art, Design and Media Intensive Course (IADM)


Our campus has a real buzz about it. On route to the café you’re likely to pass a film crew, a woman in Elizabethan dress and a DJ. It’s a microcosm of the creative industries. Right down to having the best tools for the job.

We invest heavily in the technology and spaces that equip our students for life in the creative industries. We want them to get used to the equipment and facilities they’ll find in the real world. We also make sure they have the right resources to make the most of their studies.


Inside their purpose–built space in the North Light Studios, our printing presses connect students to one of the earliest skills that has changed very little from the time of Durer and Rembrandt.

Over the years, we’ve amassed a number of traditional presses, covering Letter Press, Etching, Relief, Lithography and Silk screen printing. We’ve dedicated areas for exposure, screen washing and acid etching and we’re adding new presses all the time. The printmaking studio has been designed to cater for etching, relief and lithography which relies on oil based inks while at the same time screen printing can be carried out which relies on water based inks. Read more…


Our unique sustainable space, the Passiv Haus, is used by many of our courses as a workshop for the drawing integral to many AUB Degrees – especially life drawing. The building generates its own power for heating and lighting and is always welcoming and warm! Read more…


Our new Drawing Studio designed by AUB alumnus and Visiting Professor Sir Peter Cook is designed to provide four different types of light that will aid students in the practice that sits at the heart of every course. Read more…


Showcasing work from contemporary artists, TheGallery is our very own on-campus space for the arts. TheGallery runs a number of artist talks, events and film nights to support the exhibition programme – all available to you on this course. Read more…


Our library reflects the core values of a creative community. With a team of professional staff and wide range of resources focussed on the study of art, design, media and performance we aim to help all students at Arts University Bournemouth to realise their full potential both during their studies and beyond. The Library has over 50,000 books covering a huge range of art, design, media and performance subjects, with a further collection of more than 45,000 e-books. Read more….


The Museum of Design in Plastics is located in the library. Its purpose is to provide a dynamic study and research resource to facilitate an understanding and appreciation of popular design and culture. Read more…