What students are doing

What Students are Doing

Molly Mayhew

Foundation student, Molly Mayhew, won a 2018 Principal Award for her stop-motion project, 'Night at the Circus'.

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Serin Saravanan

"My work is a metaphor for what happens throughout peoples' relationships, whether it's family or a romantic relationship. I symbolised a relationship as a wave because there are ups and downs."

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Lynne Williams

"My work is about mortality. The inspiration came from my husband's death and the human experience of life and death. To me, the piece on the far side symbolises death, the way in which it's solid."

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Eleanor Vince

"My finished garment is the bodice and overdress of an Edwardian gown, which is inspired by the story of the Russian Romanov family."

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Georgina Pratt

"My final major project is about synesthesia, as I have grapheme-colour synesthesia myself. I wanted to do my own research and also spread awareness about the condition."

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Jazzi Smith

"My work is a comic book, professionally known as a 'trade paperback', which is a compilation of a number of comic books. The story follows two female scientists who are studying Biology."

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Ed Cardall

"My work is a table-top skirmish game called 'Moon Born'; it's similar to a board game. I spent most of the project designing and sculpting a set of tiny characters for the game."

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In the news

Prep HE Summer Show 2018

This month, our Summer Shows begin with our Foundation Diploma exhibitions between 18 - 26 May.AUB’s Summer Shows are a celebration of our graduates’ innovative work from across our creative community. Visit the campus in May for the first...

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AUB’s Sam Jackson & Dominic Shepherd Exhibit at Charlie Smith London

Charlie Smith London: Friday 23rd February – Saturday 31st March 2018Two Fine Art Lecturers exhibit at the Charlie Smith London gallery in Shoreditch.This unique and inspiring exhibition is the first of the year for Charlie Smith London,...

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AUB Foundation Diploma Awarded ‘Outstanding’ in Recent Ofsted Review

The Diploma in Art & Design – Foundation Studies Programme is delighted to have achieved the ‘Outstanding’ rating in its 2018 Ofsted inspection. AUB achieved the ‘Outstanding’ rating for Overall Effectiveness and in all four criteria;...

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Printmaking Technician Demonstrator, Preeti Sood, is featured in Printmaking Today

Preeti Sood, Printmaking Technician Demonstrator, was selected by the editor of Cello Press to be featured as the the artist of the month of Volume 26 No. 3 Printmaking Today magazine. 

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