During your 23 weeks of study, you’ll study full-time for three days of the week (18 hours) and will have access to the library and other areas on campus for independent study for the rest of the week.

Students who have enrolled on the English plus course (IADM+E) will also have one day per week (6 hours) of English language tuition and one day a week on independent study.

The course is divided into two clear stages. The first stage is exploratory, to help you find your areas of interest, strengths and weaknesses. This will help you choose what to focus on for your final project in the second stage of the course. The course culminates in a course exhibition.

Stage One – Exploratory

After your induction week, you’ll complete projects in the following subject areas, giving you an introduction to the techniques, processes and skills that you’ll use on the course:

  • Fine Art
  • Graphic Design and Illustration
  • Fashion and Textiles
  • 3D and Lens Based Media

You’ll attend specialist technical workshops to learn techniques and processes related to each specialism and learn about the work of other artists and designers through lectures and educational trips.

You’ll develop your ability to learn independently, as this is an essential skill for further study. During the course, you’ll meet Course Leaders from BA honours degree courses at AUB to help develop your understanding of Higher Education study and progression opportunities.

  • Life Drawing
  • Experimental Drawing
  • Printmaking
  • 3D Workshops
  • Digital Photography
  • Video Production
  • Fashion/Textiles Workshops
  • Sketchbook processes
  • Understanding the Creative Process

At the end of Stage One, you’ll receive a detailed review of your work to date, to help you decide which subject area you’d like to focus on at Stage Two.

You’ll also start developing your portfolio and will attend workshop and tutorial sessions to help with this.

Stage Two – Final Project and Portfolio Development

At Stage Two, you’ll focus on a project within the subject area of your choice. You’ll work in a more independent way, developing your individual interests and working on portfolio material for your progression into Higher Education. Stage Two will culminate in your final assessment.

Subjects covered:

  • Research practices
  • Project development methods
  • Specialist workshops
  • Ideas development
  • Evaluation/Reflection strategies
  • Presentation strategies
  • Portfolio building

IADM+E Students

The English Language course will allow you to learn and practise different academic skills relevant to your studies at AUB, while improving your language ability.

You will learn how to write reflective accounts of your project work, how to compose academic essays, how to prepare and deliver presentations and how to improve your reading and listening skills.

The two stages of the course contain regular assessments that test the skills and language studied during the course. Successful completion of both the English and the IADM part of the course will ensure progression onto your chosen BA pathway.

Completing the course

You’ll receive an AUB course certificate when you complete your IADM course.

Successfully completing the IADM or IADM+E course guarantees you a place on one of our BA Honours degree courses at AUB.* You’ll agree the course that you’d like to study for with your IADM tutor.

*If you would like to study BA (Hons) Film Production, you are guaranteed an interview, but there is no guaranteed progression onto this course.