On the main programme students engage in four broad projects; drawing, art, design and media.

Using these projects, students are able to diagnose their strengths in order to progress onto the Pathway option most suitable to them. There are seven specialist Pathways for the final two stages of the course:

  • Fine Art, 3D Design, Illustration, Graphics, Photography, Fashion, Costume and Textiles and Film and Animation.

It’s the perfect way to find your creative voice if you’re not sure what degree course you’d like to study or boost your existing skills and portfolio if they’re not quite up to degree standard. What’s more, if you successfully complete the Foundation Diploma with us, you’re guaranteed a place on a degree course at AUB.*

During the first stage of your Foundation course, you’ll explore broad concepts and assignments, which will help you to decide which methodology – Art, Design or Media – you like best.

We encourage you to experiment and take risks on the course, as you challenge yourself and discover your creative voice. At the end of Stage One, you’ll choose from one of seven specialist pathways, which will give you an insight into what it will be like to study on a specialist arts programme.

Assessment is based on presentation of project work and takes place on completion of each stage of the course. Assessments are used to provide guidance on your progress and potential in areas of specialist study. The final major project is graded as pass, merit or distinction.

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Stage One – Exploratory Stage


  • Experimental drawing
  • Life drawing
  • Location drawing
  • Sequential drawing
  • Exploration of “formal elements”


  • Conceptual and lateral thinking
  • Printmaking workshop
  • Drawing-centred
  • Personal, open-ended enquiry


  • Problem-solving
  • Responding to a brief
  • Design for good, ethical practice
  • Understanding context
  • Appropriate skills development


  • Time based enquiry
  • Using sound
  • Photoshop
  • Video editing
  • Deconstructing images

Stage Two – Pathways

Fine Art

  • Student-led briefs
  • Theory and critical thinking
  • Painting technology workshops
  • 3D workshops/casting/mould-making
  • Exhibition context explored
  • Time-based media workshops


  • Design for good
  • Information graphics
  • Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign
  • Zine production
  • One day workshops

3D (Art, Craft and Design)

  • Workshop use
  • Technical workshops
  • Google SketchUp
  • Casting/mould-making
  • 3D contexts explored
  • Laser cutter use


  • Life drawing
  • Printmaking
  • Book and authorial illustration
  • Genre study
  • Experimental drawing workshops
  • Digital practice/Illustrator

Fashion, Costume and Textiles

  • Fashion illustration
  • Garment making
  • Mannequin use
  • Photoshop/print processes
  • Paper making
  • Machine knit/embroidery workshops


  • Critical theory
  • Advanced Photoshop
  • Studio photography
  • Location lighting
  • Medium format camera use
  • Documentary workshops
  • Book design

Film and Animation

  • Storyboarding
  • Sound & editing workshops
  • Premiere/After Effects
  • Green screen workshop
  • Working with actors
  • Script development
  • Life drawing / drawing for animation
  • Group work
  • Experimental & documentary work
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*During your first term with us, you will be able to discuss with your tutor the most appropriate degree for you – one that matches your interests but also your skills.  When it comes to making your UCAS application (in December or early January), we guarantee to offer you a place on a course agreed by your tutor.  Your offer will be conditional on you successfully passing the Foundation course.