Black Mirror: Magic in Art

Book – Published 23rd Nov 17

Black Mirror: Magic in Art, edited by Willem de Bruijn, features works and biographies by the artists participating in the Black Mirror: Magic in Art exhibition hosted by TheGallery, AUB, and curated by Dominic Shepherd. It also contains contributions by Professor Emma Hunt (AUB), Associate Professor Dominic Shepherd (AUB), and Clinical Associate Professor Jesse Bransford (NYU Steinhardt) that open up further avenues of investigation into the realm of magic, art and architecture. Conceived as a curatorial project in its own right, Black Mirror aims to create a space different from that of the gallery, but equally committed to bringing about thematic connections between the artists and their work.

Publication details

Publication status Published
Publication title Black Mirror: Magic in Art
Publishers name Arts University Bournemouth, TheGallery, text+work
Number of pages 64
ISBN 978-0-901196-77-4