The photography department at AUB is equipped to the highest professional level.

There are seven studios with Profoto and Broncolor lighting equipment plus numerous location kits of Profoto and Bowens lighting.

The digital camera equipment includes Hasselblad and Phase One plus numerous high-end 35mm based DSLRs. There are two photography dedicated retouching suites all equipped with the top end Apple tower computers and the latest versions of Adobe Creative Suite software.

We have digital printing in the digital suites to A2 and in addition a 40 inch-wide large format inkjet printer plus an amazing Chromira printing system that prints digital files onto C-type light sensitive colour paper.

This printer is the same type as several of the top London professional photographic laboratories. In addition to all the digital equipment we have a comprehensive set of analogue facilities.

There are two large B/W darkrooms, one wet and one dry plus c-type darkroom printing and high-end scanning available.

We have numerous film cameras of many types including Hasselblad, Mamiya, Sinar, Toyo and even a 10×8 camera.