Postgraduate coursesAnimation Production

Course Philosophy

The MA Animation Production offers students the opportunity to demonstrate a systematic and critically-informed understanding of current developments in animation theory and practice.

Fundamentally based on a tri-partite approach of Practice, Theory and Professionalism – with each element placed in ‘critical dialogue’ with the others – the course will ensure that students’ research and practice is at the forefront of the discipline.

Animation’s position as an interdisciplinary field that draws from Art and Design, Film, Computing, Fine Art, Graphics (and other areas besides) necessarily means that top-level graduates in the field will have mastered a cross-disciplinary understanding of a range of skills, techniques, theories and discourses. The overall aim of the course is to enable students to pursue their interests and specialism – whether 2D/drawn, CG, stop motion or other forms of animation – and produce excellent work that synthesises the ‘strands’ of theory, practice and professionalism. The MA Animation Production course is fully embedded within the vibrant studio environment of Animation at AUB. The overriding objective is to enable Animation students to see themselves as part of a ‘community of practice’ (that includes research and critique, and the building of a ‘production culture’), existing not as atomised students ‘doing their own thing’, but as part of a meaningful whole.