The MA Animation Production course offers you the opportunity to demonstrate a systematic and critically-informed understanding of current developments in animation theory and practice.

Fundamentally based on a tri-partite approach of Practice, Theory and Professionalism – with each element placed in ‘critical dialogue’ with the others – the course will ensure that your research and practice is at the forefront of the discipline.

Animation’s position as an interdisciplinary field that draws from Art and Design, Film, Computing, Fine Art, Graphics (and other areas besides) necessarily means that top-level graduates in the field will have mastered a cross-disciplinary understanding of a range of skills, techniques, theories and discourses.

The overriding objective is to enable all Animation students to see themselves as part of a ‘community of practice’ (that includes research and critique, and the building of a ‘production culture’), existing not as atomised students ‘doing their own thing’, but as part of a meaningful whole.

The overall aim of the MA course is to enable students to develop their specialism – whether in 2D/drawn, CG, stop motion or other forms of animation – and produce excellent work that synthesises the ‘strands’ of theory, practice and professionalism.

You will be a BA graduate in Animation or a related discipline. Although we will consider good graduates from other disciplines – having accepted them from Costume, Graphics, Digital Media, Illustration, Modelmaking and Fine Art in the past – you must have some understanding of the animation production process to prosper on this course.

Your engagement with the MA may involve pre-production, production or post-production specialisms, such as character design, storyboarding, concept work, or other specialisms, such as puppet- making, or costume design for animation. You may choose to make an animated film as your final ‘outcome’, or develop a body of work through one of these other forms of specialist practice. The structure of the MA enables you to interrogate your ideas across practical, theoretical and professional modes of understanding and bring your work to fruition in the Masters Project unit.

As well as a 1-year full time route, the MA is offered on a part-time basis. The part-time route offers an ideal opportunity for people who are already working in industry to further develop their specialist skills and practice, and complete a major body of work across a 2-year period. For both full-time and part-time routes, we strongly encourage applicants who want to interrogate their professional practice, and develop their understanding of the workplace.

The alumni of AUB Animation have gone on to work at Aardman, ILM, Lupus Films, Framestore, Pixar, the Moving Picture Company and many other companies. We are proud of the network of AUB graduates who are now employed in animation – many of whom return to talk to current students.