“Don’t forget the basics. Don’t get enamoured with new technology … it doesn’t change anything. The art of what we do is exactly the same. The goal that we have is exactly the same as George Méliès, William Cameron Menzies and Sergei Eisenstein. It’s beyond technology. It’s the art of movies.” George Lucas

The MA Film Production is a 60 week full-time taught Masters degree. Students learn by making films, supported, challenged, taught and mentored by experienced practicing film industry professionals. It aims to be a bridge to the industry.

Exploring and pushing craft knowledge and its creative boundaries, the course has been developed with a particular consideration for career entry. With an emphasis on progression and the ability for the graduate to flourish in an industry setting.

An industry where new and emerging filmmakers have little or no chance to learn on the job, this course will enable you to gain the production experience demanded in a professional context.

Springing from and building on the seminal and celebrated BA (Hons) Film Production course, MA Film Production is driven and inspired by a professional film culture. On the course you will create, inspire, and produce innovative films, hone your craft and develop new skills to a high level. The BA (Hons) Film Production course has Creative Skillset accreditation, one of only a handful of accredited undergraduate courses in film making in the UK.

AUB is a world-renowned specialist institution offering high quality specialist practical education with equally celebrated BA Honours courses in Costume Design, Make-up, Animation, Acting, Modelmaking and Graphic Design. The MA Film Production course, with its access to those specialist students and graduates, together with those of the BA (Hons) Film Production, offers a unique learning environment akin to that of a film studio.

An environment that empowers students on their pathways to collaborate with emerging artists from all the main film departments. To learn and work together with them under one roof.

For an informal discussion about the MA Film Production course please contact David Munns.