Postgraduate coursesFilm Production

Interviews and portfolios

Interviews are an opportunity for you to demonstrate to us your self-motivation and commitment to your study pathway.

We will be particularly interested in your contribution to the narratives realised in the films in your portfolio, and your reflections and assessment on your work and process. How you may have responded to a given brief, together with any self-initiated projects. We will expect to see at least two pieces of work showing evidence of your discipline within a narrative screen story, film or moving image. Your Portfolio may be delivered on DVD, but preferably it should be delivered via a Vimeo link, together with your electronic application. Filmmaking being a collaborative art the creative contribution of your fellow students is of real importance. So we hope you understand and appreciate our need for rigor in our selection process. Depending on the portfolio, some applicants may be asked to complete one or more practical evaluation exercises within their chosen pathway in support of their application.

What we look for

Students who are inspired by creative achievement through collaboration. Who are self-motivated, take the initiative, have accomplished projects, films that show a progression in their work, and discipline. Ideally you have some paid or unpaid industry experience. The work you submit should be distinctive, inventive, have a bold vision. Evidence a strong awareness of narrative storytelling demands through application of your chosen pathways contribution to a screen realisation that emotionally engages the wider audience.

Producers | Directors | Documentary

For applicants to these pathways, we look for the ability to; empower and inspire original and creative narrative journeys, of scope and ambition. With the ability to guide its realisation within a budget. The narrative skills to handle story, characters, and subjects with impact and coherence. To collaborate, convey emotion on the screen. To show potential for scale and complexity, beyond the short film. These are our primary concerns for these pathways, rather than technical quality in this instance.

Production Designers | Cinematographers | Sound Designers | Editor

For these pathways we are looking for artists who evidence a degree of technical command, show vision, who can inspire and be inspired by the creative opportunities within their discipline for screen storytelling, for story driven and empowered collaboration.


Here we are looking for storytellers who have a distinct and original voice. Who will make full use of the opportunities for practice learning this course provides. For unlike many screenwriting MA’s, you will actually be involved in making films. Have opportunities to take your work right through the development, production process, to the screen. This practice, realisation and evaluation of your screenwriting in short form and in scenes from long form is a rare chance that we want the screenwriters to actively embrace and make full use of for their development.

For all the pathways

Film is a fast moving profession, requiring resilience and a commitment to long, demanding hours. Film practitioners must continually create, invent and adapt and our students must be willing to do the same.

How to Apply

Please fill out the interactive PDF form on the link below and follow the instructions within. Detailing your chosen specialist pathway, year of entry in the drop down selection on box 3 on the form. Please ensure to paste the link to your portfolio in Box 8, above your Personal Statement | All applications must be accompanied by your portfolio

Our primary interest in conjunction with your application form, will be in your portfolio. Which should include two examples of your contribution to narrative work in film, moving image, in your chosen pathway, film discipline. For the producing and directing pathways, technical quality is less of a concern than evidence of your ability to handle screen story, engage an audience. Further details on our Admission Requirements can be found here

Apply Now

For related questions contact Admissions on +44 1202 363228. For an informal discussion about the MA Film Production course please contact David Munns +44 1202 363 049. For this it will be helpful if you include the Vimeo link to your Portfolio, and a personal statement of what you are looking to achieve on the course.