Learning how to craft a good idea into a great story, and an even better screenplay, remains one of the most important aspects of any film or television project.

The MA Film Production Screenwriting Pathway aims to ensure the storytellers of tomorrow are armed with the necessary skills to succeed.

On the course, you will study story structure, plotting, character development, theme creation, writing dialogue and analysing literary material in depth.

Projects include two-page studio exercises, two-page VFX exercises, 5-7 page location/studio projects, 10-15 page portfolio projects, and a full length research project of your choice, typically a feature film script or long form television project.

Due to the collaborative nature of studying at AUB, you’ll also have the opportunity realise your projects, working with directing and producing students. You’ll gain valuable experience working in a team that mirrors real-world industry.

Screenwriting is taught by those with experience working in the US and UK film and television industries. The projects you work on will form a strong basis for your portfolio when seeking employment on graduation.