The Art of Screenprinting

Course overview

Are you an illustrator or artist, just left school or wish to start printing?

Through learning how to break down images into separations and the techniques of combining stencils and overlaying imagery, you will be able to produce stunning multi-coloured designs and finished pieces of artwork.

This course is ideal if you are planning a career as a print technician, studio helper, workshop assistant, or as an artist and designer or perhaps a complete beginner that wishes to try screenprinting for the first time.

With expert guidance from your tutor Donna Peters, this hands-on course will introduce you to all the equipment and a wide range of screenprinting techniques using water based screen-printing processes.

You will be one of only 10 students, so you will have maximum individual attention from your tutor. You will use photographic stencil emulsions to make screens from photographic, digital or hand-drawn sources.

You will use methods of working directly on the screen mesh, therefore allowing experimental print work to be carried out for use with paper and fabrics.


  • Learning how to produce colourful interesting images from their own designs
  • Experiencing many different, exciting stencil making techniques such as paper stencil, photographic and stencils
  • Understanding which stencil making techniques are suitable for different effects/textures/images


Spring term:

Tuesday 16th January – 20th March 2018

Thursday 18th January – 22nd March 2018


Donna Peters

Course Aims

The course aims to:

  • Gain confidence in setting up the screen, using the squeegee and hands-on experience of the studio’s screen printing equipment
  • Learn about the possibilities available through colour mixing, use of transparency and the overlaying of transparent or opaque layers
  • Learn how to register multiple colour layers to create your design

Course Outcomes & Assessment

  • An understanding of colour theory
  • Preparing stencils and working hands-on, creating prints with specialist equipment
  • Learn computer based photo stencils and colour separation
  • A complete body of work for portfolio development
  • All students with 100% course attendance will be issued with an official AUB Short Course Certificate of Attendance detailing course contents, and study hours

Entry Requirements

The course is aimed at students who have little or no previous experience, or may have some experience and wish to consolidate their understanding.

What You Need To Bring

A1 or A2 smooth Cartridge paper (150 – 300gsm)

Apron or overalls

A small selection of Daler Rowney System acrylic paints

Roll of masking tape


A small brush

Latex gloves

Basic drawing materials


Sharpener (see appendix for suppliers)

A sketchbook and selection of images that you would like to use

Course Materials

All additional course materials are included in the course fee.

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