Course Overview


Spring term: Monday 27 January – Monday 30 March 2020


10 Monday evenings 18.00-21.00


Tereza Tzelepaki



Surface pattern design has enjoyed a revival in recent years, with a new wave of designers fuelling the growing trend for decorated objects, illustrated goods and aspirational homewares.

This introductory course will lead you through an exploration of pattern, print and design, with hands-on textile design and printing skills, which can then be applied to a variety of fabric and paper surfaces.

Through the observation of trends, understanding the impact of scale and experimenting with colour and shapes, you will learn how to develop different types of repeat patterns.

You will be encouraged to find inspiration in the shapes and objects that are found all around you. The practice of collecting materials, be it photographs, found objects, or interesting colour combinations, and gathering as much inspiration as you can will help you in your creative process. In addition to using these references and your own drawings, you will learn how to design your own repeat pattern, colour palette and master the techniques of mixing of textile inks for printing

Take pleasure in bringing your designs spring to life through the exploration of hand-printing techniques such as lino block, silk screen printing and relief printing. Tereza will guide you as you plan, design and print by hand repeat patterns or placement designs. You will be able to work to complete fabric for a final project for finishing at home e.g. cushion covers, table linen, lampshades, scarves, etc or design and print onto ready-made items e.g. tote bags, tea towels, t-shirts. Or if preferred, simply practice your print skills creating a selection of your own fabric samples.


  • What makes a good pattern for hand-printing
  • Sources of pattern inspiration
  • Pattern drawing, structure and planning
  • Colour theory, colour palette development and ink mixing
  • Basic lino block, relief and silkscreen printing techniques