Creative Printmaking - An Introduction

Course Overview

Immerse yourself into the world of printmaking.

Each week you will learn a variety of techniques and printing methods which will develop imagery through the traditional process of ‘Intaglio Printing’ as well as experimenting with ‘Relief Printing’.

Techniques covered are mono printing, monotype, lino, collograph, drypoint, etching and solar plate. You will be able to use a variety of imagery for this course, this could be taken from photographs, to a simple hand drawn sketch, or perhaps you wish to draw your inspiration from the work of the great artists throughout the decades. Whichever you wish to use, each print you produce will be completely individual.

The more experienced printmaker can continue to excel using our traditional, well equipped printmaking workshop in order to hone and practice their techniques as well as learning the new exciting non-toxic printmaking techniques such as solar plate etching, photo etching, multi plate, viscosity and plate lithography.

Whatever your level you will build on your creative design skills and explore the world of image making through printmaking. Throughout the course you will have access to an extensive range of printing presses in the studio.


  • Monoprinting
  • Monotype
  • Lino cutting
  • Collograph
  • Drypoint
  • Chine-collé
  • Etching
  • Solar plate


Spring term:

Wednesday 17th January – 21st March 2018


Saturday 20th Jan, 3rd & 17th Feb, 3rd & 17th March 2018 (FULLY BOOKED)


Preeti Sood

Vanessa Collingridge

Course Aims

The course aims to:

  • Provides you with an indepth understanding into various print processes
  • Enables you to work in any other professional printworkshop’s
  • Enhance your creative language by overlaying various print processes and use them to your advantage
  • Develop your understanding of how to work safely
  • Expand your knowledge to develop your own creative practice
  • Provide you with a systematic approach of working safely with materials and solvents
  • Good understanding of printmaking practice through preliminary preparation
  • Enables you to be a successful independent printmaker
  • Knowledge and understanding into mark making onto various print matrix using materials, solvents and tools

Course Outcomes & Assessment

  • Understanding the difference between Relief printing and Intaglio producing various examples of each process or overlaying the processes
  • Significance of mark making in printing and confidence to make their ideas as actual physical prints
  • A good knowledge of color theory within printmaking and an understanding of how an imagery develops with various colours
  • All students with 100% course attendance will be issued with an official AUB Short Course Certificate of Attendance detailing course contents, and study hours.

Entry Requirements

The course is aimed at students who have little or no previous experience, or may have some experience and wish to consolidate their understanding.

What You Need To Bring

A selection of quality printing paper (300gsm) or a pad of watercolour paper (300gsm)

Snowdon Cartridge paper 300gsm

Small piece of lino or two pieces (see appendix for suppliers)

1 sheet of mount-board


Latex gloves

Basic drawing materials

A sketchbook


An old toothbrush and a quantity of old rags

You are also welcome to bring your own oil-based printing inks should you wish.

Your tutor will advise on where you can purchase solar plates.

NB: Editioning of prints is not possible on this course. If you have any respiratory concerns, and back aches please contact us as this course may be unsuitable due to materials / substances used on the course.

Course Materials

All additional course materials are included in the course fee.

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