Course Overview


Spring term: Wednesday 16th January – 20th March 2019

October 2019 – new dates coming soon



10 Wednesday evenings 6-9pm


David Bird



Further your knowledge and skills in digital photography, combining an in-depth knowledge of advanced camera features, functions and controls, with challenging practical assignments in which to consolidate your understanding and improve your image making potential.

This dedicated project-based course is aimed at confident digital photographers who want to create challenging, informative photographs that communicate and inform to portfolio/exhibition standards.

The course will offer you a combination of talks, demonstrations, technical workshops, studio and location shoots, whilst you work towards completing two practical projects (one individual and one group-based).

Throughout this fast-paced, information-packed course you will gain an in-depth understanding of the creative potential modern day DSLR cameras offer – targeted at the more confident digital photographer who wishes to dedicate their learning to producing creative, well-informed, professional standard images.

Students are expected to continue with their personal project based photographic assignments out of course hours, which will ultimately expand overall knowledge, heighten proficiency and offer improved image making capabilities. Submitted project based images will be assessed by course tutor and group critique on final session.

Students attending this advanced course are expected to carry out practice-led visual research as directed by the course tutors in which to fully benefit. The course does not offer in-depth post-production exercises; solid, well-informed image creation and communication is the key element to this course.


  • Extended creative controls offered in modern DSLR cameras
  • Essential add-ons such as tripods, speedlights, lenses, filtration
  • Light, light quality and control
  • Benefits of metering v histogram readings
  • Lighting techniques (studio & location)
  • Post-production options and applications, image enhancement, professional web/print output options and optimum settings
  • Image based visual communication
  • How to turn ideas into creative concepts
  • Considering themes, subject matter and mood
  • Individual and group – project based assignments