Autumn term:

Wednesday 7 October – Wednesday 9 December 2020

Saturday 14 November

Spring term:

Wednesday 13 January – Wednesday 17 March 2021

Saturday 27 February

Summer term:

Wednesday 14 April – Wednesday 16 June 2021

Saturday 15 March


30 Wednesday evenings 18.00-21.00

3 x Saturday sessions (1 x per term) 9.30-16.30


David Bird



This 30-week ‘Award Body Consortium’ (Level 2 – Accreditation) is aimed at individuals wishing to develop an understanding of photographic processes, practices and the photo-imaging industry. The qualification allows learners to understand and develop skills enabling them to take and manipulate images using a range of equipment, techniques and image processing software.  The course also provides an opportunity to prepare students for progression into employment or further learning.

You will be guided through the fundamentals of photography and explore creative techniques in photography to gain a greater understanding of how to ‘tell a story’ through your photographs and find your photographic style. You will take part in a variety of studio shoots including still life, portraiture and commercial, as well as a series of location shoot exercises in the wider Bournemouth area.

Through a series of talks, demonstrations and practical projects the course will develop your awareness and understanding of the different roles and employment opportunities available within the photographic industry. It also includes an exploration of the legislation relevant to photographic practices, copyright, intellectual property and photographers’ rights.

Post-production workshops will increase your knowledge of photographic processes and editing software. You will understand how to professionally prepare and print images and build a selection of your images taken during the course to construct your professional portfolio.

Through a wide variety of group and personal projects, you will develop your ideas and create challenging, informative photographs that communicate and inform to portfolio/exhibition standards.

You will be expected to continue with personal project-based photographic research and assignments out of course hours, which will ultimately expand overall knowledge, heighten proficiency and offer improved image making capabilities. Submitted project-based images will be assessed by course tutor with group critique to inform and assist all students.

Please note, the course commences October 2020, after which it is not possible to enrol part-way through this 1-Year programme.


  • Creative controls offered in modern DSLR cameras
  • Essential add-ons such as tripods, speedlights, lenses, filtration
  • Light, light quality and control
  • Metering and histograms
  • Lighting techniques (studio and location)
  • Post-production options and applications, image enhancement, professional web/print output options and optimum settings
  • Image based visual communication
  • How to turn ideas into creative concepts
  • Considering themes and subject matter
  • Individual and group – project-based assignments
  • Working to a project brief
  • Image critique and portfolio building
  • Presentation skills