Course Overview


Autumn term: Monday 5 October – Monday 23 November plus Saturday 21 November 2020

Spring term: Monday 11 January – Monday 1 March plus Saturday 20 February 2021


8 Evening sessions 18.00-21.00

1 Saturday session 09.30-16.30


Sarah L Goy



This course offers a hands-on approach to the world of sketching or ‘art on the go’. Ideal for all levels and abilities, it provides a relaxed way to build upon your drawing skills whilst enjoying the environment around you.

Sketching and drawing is fundamental to everything we do and throughout history every great artist and designer has kept a sketch book. A personal visual ‘journal’, it offers a place to experiment, record special moments or work through your ideas for a more advanced project.

During the course you will explore the fundamentals of drawing and observation including how to capture spontaneous and honest moments. You will use a variety of materials and techniques including pencils, watercolour and charcoal looking at genres such as landscape, botanical, objects and animals.  It also includes a session in AUB’s unique Crab drawing studio with a dressed model giving you the opportunity to develop your drawing and sketching skills of the human form. Colour and design knowledge will be explored further through the university’s on-campus museum, MODIP, (Museum of Design in Plastic) as well as a potential location session.


  • Experienced guidance from an artist specialising in sketching and water-colour
  • Learning to see and sketch the world around you
  • Developing skills with pencil, pens, water-colour and charcoal creating lively drawing through expressive use of line and mark making
  • Tone, contrast, textures, colour and form
  • Capturing movement and basic perspective
  • Basic techniques to approach landscape, botanical, animals, objects and people.
  • Being inspired by techniques used by past artists – with handouts