Interior Design An Introduction

Course Overview

Discover the fascinating and expansive world of interior design. This course is ideal for anyone who wishes to gain a general understanding of interior design, and offers the chance to experience a variety of topics through a series of practical projects.

Over the course of ten weeks you will cover subjects including: the history of design, planning, surveying and measuring interiors. You will learn a broad range of skills covering drawing scale plans and elevations and your projects will help you understand basic colour theory, the psychology of colour, pattern and texture, fabric, finishes and presentation.

Whether you wish to study this subject for your own interest or wish to apply to further interior design courses, the course will provide you with an ideal opportunity to build up your portfolio and learn the basic tools of the interior design trade.


  • The use of colour in interior design, colour theory and psychology
  • Site surveying, drawing accurate scale plans and elevations
  • Learning to draw in 3D
  • Historical and cultural influences in design and architecture
  • Understanding interior design styles
  • Working on a project to a brief
  • Concept design, mood boards, sample boards
  • Spatial planning, sourcing materials, furniture and finishes
  • Turning 2D design ideas to 3D
  • Presentation skills


Spring term: Thursday 18th January – 22nd March 2018


Katie Thomas

William de Liefde-Foote

Course Aims

The course aims to:

  • Enhance your knowledge of what it takes to be a successful interior designer
  • Enable you to independently conduct a site survey and draw accurate plans and elevations.
  • Provide you with the skills to draw your interior schemes in 3D
  • Develop your understanding of historical and cultural influences and interior design styles
  • Give you the chance to work from a brief and run your own interior design project – from concept to 3D
  • Provide you with a sound understanding of concept design, mood boards and sample boards
  • Enable you to independently space plan, source materials, furniture and finishes for your interior scheme
  • Enhance your ability to communicate your design ideas in 2D and 3D and confidently present these to potential clients

Course Outcomes & Assessment

  • All students will have a good understanding of the role of an interior designer and the interior design process from start to finish, and be able to independently run an interior design project
  • By the end of the course, all students will have a completed interior design project from concept to 3D that can be used as part of a portfolio for further study or employment
  • All students with 100% course attendance will be issued with an official AUB Short Course Certificate of Attendance detailing course contents, and study hours

Entry Requirements

This introductory course assumes students possess no previous knowledge and is suitable for beginners, or those students who wish to improve their understanding.

What You Need To Bring

You will require the following prior to commencing the course. If you are unsure of anything, the tutor will explain this in the first lesson.

A2 sketchpad or approximately 12 sheets of A2 cartridge paper, selection of pens and pencils & a rubber, a notebook, scissors/craft knife/scalpel, Pritt stick or paper glue, ruler, coloured pencils, set squares – 1x 45 degree and 1x 30 degree or an adjustable one, A scale ruler for drawing plans etc. (Choose one with scales of 1:20, 1:50 and 1:100) Paint colour charts and colour mixer cards, any fabric, flooring or materials samples, a selection of design magazines from which to cut images

Course Materials

All additional course materials are included in the course fee.


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