Course Overview


Spring term: Tuesday 21 January – Tuesday 24 March 2020


10 Tuesday evenings 18.00-21.00


William de Liefde-Foote



An absolute beginner’s introduction to AutoCAD and SketchUp for Interior Design, ideal for students currently studying our ‘1-Year Interior Design Programme’ as well as any of our introductory interior design short courses.

This course is an ideal introduction to using computer programmes for drawing simple plans and 3D representations of spaces for interior design. Through demonstrations, lectures, discussions and hands-on practice you will learn to display your interior design skills in computer aided drawings.

Your tutor will also introduce you to the basic tools and practices in SketchUp (3D Modelling Programme) as follows:

How to use the drawing tools, measuring tool, push/ pull tool, follow me tool, orbit, pan and zoom tools.

How to draw an interior space in 3D, add colours and finishes and then add furniture and accessories.

How to draw a building and add a roof, windows and doors.

This is a good starting point if you have never used these programmes before and would like to give it a try and gain confidence with computer drawing. Have fun learning a new skill and expressing your design ideas.


  • Understanding the toolbars and user interface
  • Navigation around your designs on-screen
  • How to use the fundamental tools such as line, rectangle, circle, arc, offset, copy, fillet and trim
  • Using these tools to draw floor plans, elevations and furniture
  • Making blocks to export your work as professional drawings to scale
  • Understanding annotation and dimensions
  • Modelling your designs in 3D with realistic materials and furniture