Course Overview


Autumn term: Monday 30th September – 2ndDecember 2019 & Saturday 26th October 2019

Spring term: Monday 20th January – 23rd March 2020 & Saturday 29th February 2020

Summer term: Monday 20th April – 22nd June 2020 (including Tuesday 5th & 26th May due to bank holidays) & Saturday 30th May 2020


30 Monday evenings 6-9pm

3 Saturday sessions (1 per term) 9.30am-4.30pm


Katie Thomas & William de Liefde-Foote



During this 30-week ‘Award Body Consortium’ (Level 2 – Accreditation) programme you will learn how to design interior spaces with flair and imagination.

The course will develop your awareness of colour, shape and form and will give you the necessary skills to choose interior finishes including paint, fabric, wall and flooring materials.

In addition to this, you will learn skills for surveying rooms, drawing plans and developing your ideas on paper to scale. From these initial sketches, you will learn how to bring your ideas into ‘reality’, developing 2D and 3D drawing skills. You shall also receive introductory sessions to AutoCAD, SketchUp and Adobe Photoshop applications to assist in your development.

You will also learn how to collect samples of furniture and materials to create a ‘mood board’ and to effectively use texture and pattern as appropriate to give that wow factor.

This will give you the experience and confidence to present and explain your ideas to a client.

You will research and understand historical and cultural influences and will look at the Bauhaus and how such movements have influenced and impacted contemporary design.

You will investigate how furniture can act both as a design element and practical storage space and develop your spatial awareness.

Through a variety of projects to help develop your ideas from the drawn form, you will be taught how to create and use models to further enhance knowledge of materials, spatial abilities and your finished pieces.

Towards the end of this course, you will learn about good design practice and how to work to a client brief. There will be a short introduction to use of AutoCAD and Photoshop, enabling you to decide whether to take further courses in computer design, such as the 10-week ‘Interior Design using AutoCAD & SketchUp’ course.

Please note, the course commences October 2019, after which it is not possible to enrol part-way through this 1-Year programme.


The use of colour in interior design, colour theory and psychology

Site surveying, drawing accurate scale plans and elevations

Learning to draw in 3D

Historical and cultural influences in design and architecture

Understanding interior design styles

Working on a project to a brief

Concept design, mood boards, sample boards

Spatial planning, sourcing materials, furniture and finishes

Turning 2D design ideas to 3D

Presentation skills