Course overview


Spring term: Monday 20 January – Monday 23 March 2020

Including Saturday 22 February 2020


10 Monday evenings 18.00-21.00

1 Saturday session 9.30-16.30


Celeste Joy-Engel



Gain hands-on experience in writing, filming and editing on the Creative Filmmaking Course.

Aimed at aspiring filmmakers with little or no film making experience, the course offers an introduction to the all aspects of film making for people who need to balance their interest with work or other commitments.

The course is a mix of workshops covering film-based practise and theory which covers the process of making a short film from concept to final cut.  From the first session students work in groups to develop an original story idea through the filmmaking process with the support of our experienced tutors.

Writer Celeste Engel introduces students to the genre of the short film, incorporating the screening and analysis of short films, as well as sharing her own short film experience. Through an introduction to scriptwriting alongside practical script development of original ideas students will get a taste of developing a short film from scratch. Students will be introduced to Directing and Storyboarding alongside practical workshops where the student’s films will be prepared for the shoot.

Editor and multi-media artist Lucy Turner will provide hands on practical support, taking students through the array of professional equipment provided by the AUB ahead of filming on location. There is a full day on set/location when students will shoot their films ahead of entering the edit. Lucy will support students to acquire a working understanding of the importance of editing, the language and terminology, cutting styles, continuity editing parameters and editing to music.

The course covers the essential aspects of film making including: story; script development; planning; shot-lists; storyboarding; directing; lighting; camera work and non-linear editing and more. Through this course students will develop and shoot their original short films in groups before individually editing their own unique cuts.

This course will harness student’s enthusiasm and guide them through the exciting experience of making a film.


  • Introduction to Scriptwriting
  • Short Film Analysis
  • Film Production Roles
  • Directing, writing a brief
  • Cinematography
  • Production
  • Filming session
  • Editing
  • Final review