Course Overview


Spring term: Monday 20 January – Monday 23 March 2020


10 Monday evenings 18.00-21.00


Laurence Kennedy



If you have already completed our introductory course or are already comfortable with the subject, this advanced course will help you work on your own fiction writing, be it short stories, life writing, novels of any genre, children’s fiction or plays.

We all have different motives for writing and for some it’s a need. If you’ve completed our introductory course, or just feel inspired to shift your prose writing up a gear, these advanced classes will help you focus on short stories, life writing, a novel or perhaps a play.

During this course, you’ll receive regular mail outs with advice and tips from novelist, teacher and journalist, Laurence Kennedy, examining how other writers achieve their effects will help you develop your craft. You’ll also be able to read your own writing aloud, explore practical personal goals and benefit from supportive audience responses.

The course provides the opportunity to develop your characters and characterisation skills, look at how to manage pace, plot and storyline. You’ll learn to decide what has to stay and what can go. Example passages from different periods and genres will help you to consider changing dialogue conventions and look at how to bring a setting to life with economy and force.

Your tutor will suggest deadlines to keep you progressing between classes and give realistic advice on ways to find an agent, if that’s what you’re after, and get published.

You’ll be encouraged to write a minimum of 2000 words each week within a framework that makes sense.

Enrol today and chip away hard at that imaginary thing some call writer’s block. The internet has changed writing forever. Who knows where your work will be tomorrow?


Further reading advice

Advice on contacting agents

Information on competitions and publication

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